Membership in BelCCI

Membership in BelCCI (Byelorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

• In BelCCI fixed membership is provided.
• Members of BelCCI may be legal persons independently of propriety forms, registered at the territory of the Republic of Belarus and individual entrepreneurs, recognizing and fulfilling the provisions of the present Statute and paying a membership fee.
• Legal persons, who are members of BelCCI, participate in BelCCI activity via their representatives. The representatives of a legal person take part in the work of BelCCI on the basis of official authorities or proxy.
• The title of the Honourable Member of BelCCI can be conferred on individual entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus for meritorious service in the development of economics and external economic relations of the Republic of Belarus and activity of BelCCI.
• The members of BelCCI can cease their membership, presenting a written application in the Presidium.
• The members of BelCCI, who did not pay membership fee within a year, can be dismembered.

Free services, rendered to the members of BelCCI

1.1. Presenting of information about valid normative documents, regulating external economic activity in the Republic of Belarus, other countries of CIS.
1.2. Presenting of address information about foreign chambers of commerce and industry, with which BelCCI cooperates, Representative Offices of BelCCI in foreign countries..
1.3. Presenting of information about international expositions, hold by BelCCI abroad and in the Republic of Belarus, their participants and also assistance rendering in the visiting of these expositions. Consultations and methodical directions concerning issues, related to the participation in international expositions and also in the organization of display booths of enterprises.
1.4. Rendering of consultation services on issues of business holding, searching of partners for cooperation, development of expert activity of enterprises and organizations – members of Chamber.
1.5. Rendering of assistance for enterprises and organizations – members of Chamber in distribution of their investment projects, export and commercial offers among potential foreign partners and investors via possibilities of foreign chambers, representatives of BelCCI abroad and other organizations, cooperating with BelCCI.
1.6. Use of services of BelCCI scientific – technical library
1.7. Rendering of informative and consulting assistance on issues of international and national arbitration legislation, legal matters of external economic relations and also assistance in executing of pronounced by court decision, both at the territory of the republic of Belarus and beyond its boundaries.
1.8. Rendering of consultations on issues of legal protection and valuation of intellectual property objects.
1.9. Introducing of the information concerning the Chamber members at its site in Internet and also in electronic database with the purpose of partners search for cooperation.
1.10. Publication of business information concerning enterprises and firms, production manufactured and also offers for business cooperation in editions of BelCCI.
1.11. Invitation of managers and specialists of Byelorussian enterprises, organizations and firms for workshops, symposiums, contact cooperation pits and other actions, hold by the Chamber with the purpose of establishment of business contacts and development of commercial relations with foreign partners.

Preferential services, rendered to BelCCI members

2.1. Consulting on issues of organization of new forms of trade economic cooperation, assistance in establishing of direct relations, creation of joint ventures and conclusion of external economic transactions.
2.2. Presentation from the databank of BelCCI of the information concerning foreign firms (address, activity direction, offers of cooperation).
2.3. Holding of scientific – technical conferences, round tables, educational workshops on issues of development of entrepreneurship and external economic activity.
2.4. Certification of origin of goods, production, works, services of domestic manufacture.
2.5. Expertise of quantity, quality, completeness of export, import and domestic goods, raw materials and equipment; valuation of real estate, equipment and motor transport cost;
2.7. Execution of translations from European and Oriental languages into Russian and from Russian into European and Oriental languages; execution of translations for the following notarization and apostil.
2.8. Assignment of foreign trade information about foreign countries and also about foreign firms with the specification of a list of the goods imported by them.  
2.9. Participation in international expositions, hold in the Republic of Belarus.

Having become a full member of BelCCI You will be able to make the most of our services in top priority order.  We would like to draw Your attention to the fact, that rates for services, rendered to BelCCI members are lower, than for the enterprises and firm, who are not our members.
At present services discounts constitute 5% of the amount.