Register of reliable partners

Foreign enterprises searching for a partner in Belarus often address the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to get the information on the good faith of a particular business entity, its registration and the nature of business activity, as well as on the availability of databases of bona fide business entities.

According to international practice registers of bona fide partners are being held by the chambers of commerce and industry of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and EU countries. However such kind of database has not been available in Belarus till nowadays and the search of information consisted only of the analysis of diverse information from a variety of sources, including state registers, different databases, etc.

Since January 2020, the BelCCI has started the maintenance of the non-state register of business entities of the Republic of Belarus, the official information about which indicates good faith as partners in entrepreneurial activities in the domestic market and abroad - Register of reliable partners.

The Register of reliable partners information is intended to simplify the process of choosing a partner for foreign companies that are eager to do business with Belarusian counterparties.

Only the BelCCI members the official information about which indicates their good faith as partners for entrepreneurial activity can be included in the Register of reliable partners.

Belarusian business entities included in the Register of reliable partners obtain certificates issued by the BelCCI.