Abroad business visits

List of exhibitions
Organized by UE “Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” Brest Branch in 2015:

Name of exhibition Date Description

80th International exhibition “GrueneWoche”

Germany, Berlin

22-26.01.15 International exhibition of food industry, agriculture and gardening.


AgroMashexpo 2015

Hungary, Budapest

28-31.01.15 International exhibition of food, drinks, packing, agricultural equipment and machinery, feed, fertilizer and chemicals.

International Potato Technology Expo 2016

Canada, Charlottetown

01.02.15 International Exhibition of Technologies for the cultivation and processing of potatoes

Agrar Unternehmertage 2015

Germany, Munich

03-06.02.15 Regional Exhibition of Agriculture and Agribusiness

Fruit Logistica 2015

Germany, Berlin

04-06.02.15 Fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, spices, equipment for packing, storage, processing, sales, logistics, transportation, wholesale and retail trade



Poland, Poznan

25-27.02.15 International fashion fair


Portugal, Lisbon

28.02-04.03.15 International exhibition vine and food


France, Paris

05-09.02.15 International Exhibition of bakery and confectionery production


Poland, Lublin

07-08.03.15 nternational Agricultural Exhibition (Agricultural production and processing of agricultural, gardening, packaging, fertilizers, etc.).

Food Japan 2015

Japan, Shiba Koen

03-06.03.2015 Food industry

Eurobois 2015

France, Leon

04-07.03.2015 wood processing

Foteg Istanbul 2015

Turkey, Istanbul

05-08.03.2015 Food processing technology


Poland, Poznan

10-13.03.2015 Building materials, equipment, technology

Anuga Food Tech 2015

Germany, Koln

24-27.03.2015 International exhibition of food and drinks technology

The Innovation Cloud 2015

Italy, Milan

08-10.04.2015 Energetics

Haus-Bau-Energie Stuttgart 2015

Germany, Stuttgart

10-12.04.2015 Building and decoration


Poland, Lublin

10-12.04.2015 Building materials, equipment, technology

Baltic Fashion &Textile Riga 2015

Latvia, Riga

15-18.04.2015 International exhibition of textiles, industrial materials, clothing, underwear, leather goods, technology and production equipment

Business visit with B2B

Israel, Tel-Aviv

19-23.04.2015 For all business categories

Hannover Messe

Germany, Hannover

13-17.04.2015 Hannover Industrial Fair for ten specialized topics, such as production technology, factory automation, energy technologies, etc.

Dubai WoodShow 2015

UAE, Dubai

14-16.04.2015 Wood processing

MosBuild 2015

Russia, Moscow

14-17.04.2015 Moscow building week


Germany, Hannover

11-15.05.2015 Wood processing

Project Qatar 2015

Qatar, Doha

04-07.05.2015 Building

All-Energy 2015

England, Glasgow

06-07.05.2015 Energetic exhibition and seminar

Milan EXPO 2015

Italy, Milan

May-October World's Fair, the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus

ICCI 2015

Turkey, Istanbul

06-08.05.2015 Energetics


Poland, Poznan

06-09.05.2015 Buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles, maintenance


Poland, Poznan

28-30.05.2015 Export, Import, Cooperation, investment

World Food Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku

May 2015 Food industry


Poland, Poznan

31.05-01.06.2015 Farming, livestock breeding, land cultivation, agricultural chemistry, veterinary medicine

Exhibition and presentation packaging equipment of MULTIVAC

Poland, Lublin

29-31.05.2015 Packaging equipment

Oil and Gas Asia – OGA 2015

Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur

02-04.06.2015 Oil and Gas sphere


France, Bordeaux

14-18.06.2015 vine and alcohol drinks

China BevTek 2015

China, Shanghai

15-17.07.2015 Drinks, beer, vine, dairy production


Hungary, Debrecen

17-21.08.2015 Farming, livestock breeding, land cultivation, agricultural chemistry, veterinary medicine

Cambodian International Fair of industrial equipment

Cambodia, Phnom Penh

August 2015 industrial equipment

Matexpo 2015

Belgium, Kortrijk

02-06.09.2015 International exhibition of construction machinery and equipment

SamuLegno 2015

Italy, Pordenone

15-18.09.2015 Wood processing

Transport & Logistik Schweiz 2015

Switzerland, Bern

16-17.09.2015 International Exhibition of multimodal transport, logistics and transport

AgriTek Uzbekistan 2015

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

23-25.09.2015 agricultural exhibition

FoodWeek Uzbekistan 2015

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

23-25.09.2015 20th International Exhibition of Food and Drinks, Food Processing and Packaging


Poland, Poznan

September 2015 Food and Beverages, Catering, equipment and production technology and food processing

ANUGA 2015

Germany, Koln

10-14.10.2015 International Food Industry Exhibition, food, drinks, gastronomy

Vietnam Wood 2015

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

14-17.10.2015 International exhibition of wood processing


Poland, Warsaw

04-06.11.2015 Transport, logistics, trucking, shipping, insurance


Germany, Hannover

10-14.11.2015 Farm equipment, machinery and equipment