Written translation

Translation service of Brest branch of Byelorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has 40 years of experience in the field of translating service rendering.

Qualified translators fulfill written translations of technical, commercial, juridical, medical documentation and private papers also. Attested with our stamp documents are recognized in all countries of the world. Also we can perform translations for the following notarization.

The price is calculated at the rate of the total quantity of symbols with spaces of the translated text. The calculation of characters in the text is effected with the use of “Statistics” function in “Service” menu. One page is 2000 characters with spaces of the finished translation. Approximately it is 1 page of the text, type 14, format A4. Computer calculation is the most objective, not depending on the type size and line spacing.

List of languages: English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Lettish.

Customers from other towns do not need to come in order to perform a translation. They may send documents by fax and e – mail and to receive the finished translation by post.

Our address: 13 Gogol Street, Brest 224030, tel. +375 162 21-81-02, tel/fax +375 162 21-78-85

Tel. / fax: +375 (0) 162 21 88 13,
e-mail: perevod@ccibrest.by